Top 10 ways to use hair accessories

Everyone has hair accessories in their house, but there are many different uses for them. Here are ten ideas of ways to use hair accessories that you probably haven’t thought of before:

1) For a quick updo

Hair ties and elastic bands can be used to create a quick updo by wrapping the band around your head numerous times and securing it with bobby pins. This is best done on second-day curls or after curling your hair with straighteners (not a curling iron). The more space between each turn of the band, the looser and floppier your updo will look.

2) As an instant chignon

Make a regular ponytail, twist into a bun, secure with an elastic band, then spray with hairspray. Your chignon will stay in place all day!

3) To secure a scarf to your head in the wind

Even when it’s not cold enough to wear a hat or hoodie, you can still use accessories to hold your scarf in place. (

4) To conceal split ends

If you’re self-conscious about your split ends, simply hide them by wrapping an elastic band around the bottom of your hair right below the split end. If anyone asks about your hairstyle, just say that you wanted to try out a low ponytail for once!

5) To give yourself curling tutorials at home

Use hair ties and pins to make ‘practice curls.’ First, curl a piece of hair around the curling iron with a tong or your straighteners. Then, place one rubber band on top of the curl and secure it to your head with several bobby pins. Keep adding rubber bands until you can’t add any more, then take out all of the bobby pins(hårbånd) and set the style with hairspray!

6) To shorten a long ponytail

Instead of chopping off your hair for a chic bob cut when it’s too long in front, put your hair in a high ponytail and wrap an elastic band around the base twice. Pull at both ends until you reach your desired length, then spray with hairspray to hide any visible split ends or damage from heat styling.

7) To add volume to your hair

Add volume by wearing a high ponytail (hårbøyler) and then pulling it into a bun with lots of bobby pins. This works best when you’ve curled your hair with straighteners (not curling tongs).

8) To make cute bunny ears

If you’re in the mood to play around with accessories, try making cute bunny ears: simply twist an elastic band until it’s small enough to wrap around the base of your braid and secure it to your head with bobby pins.

9) To make braided pigtails

Braided pigtails are perfect for summer, and all you need is two small braids on either side of your head. Use one or two hair ties to hold them in place just below your earlobes.

10) To tie up messy buns

If you’re tired of your messy bun slipping, try making two low ponytails on either side of your head with one elastic band each. Then criss-cross the tails and wrap an elastic band around all of them before securing them with bobby pins. This will give your hair the perfect amount of volume at the root without creating too many flyaway hairs throughout.

We hope that these hair accessory ideas and tricks will inspire you to take a fresh look at your style or make some discoveries for this season.

Top 10 ways to use hair accessories