Prepare to Spend Some Money

Some air purification systems are rather expensive, however, if you are serious about cleaning your air and reaping the benefits that come along with clean pure air you might have to shell out some cash. The lower end air purifiers seriously are not as good as the higher end models. With some products it doesn’t matter so much on whether you spend a lot on them or not, but air purifiers are not one of these items. A top notch, best of the best air purifier will cost you around $250, middle of the pack but still worth the money air purifiers will cost around $100-$150 and cheaper ones are $100 or less. Anything less than $100 you are really taking a risk which may not turn our well. It’s all about how serious you are about the benefits, your budget and the priority of the product.

Air Purifier Benefits

Air Purifiers Must be Maintained

Air purifiers are not an item that you can initially spend money on, plug it in and set it in the corner for its entire lifetime. You have to continually replace the filter when it gets dirty and ensure that the device is running smoothly. The number of times you have to replace the filter truly determines on what it is purifying. If it is constantly filtering out smoke from your air then the filter will get dirty and need replaced far more often than if you are using it simply to remove allergens from the air. Air purifier filters cost anywhere from $10 to $20 and although that isn’t a ton of money, it is something you may want to consider.