Top Tips To Write A CV That Will Impress recruitment

Top Tips To Write A CV That Will Impress recruitment

Before we get into some of the ways in which your CV will stand out compared to others, remember that your CV is the first impression you are going to make with potential recruiters and we all know that first impressions count so let’s make it a good one. For those of you who have been in employment especially in a professional capacity there is
absolutely no reason why you cannot write a CV that will impress.

There is no reason why it cannot be outstanding. Let’s help you by looking at the tips to
write a CV that will impress and give you an edge in getting that job opportunity you are seeking.


There are two ways in which you can make research work in your favor. Firstly, check current trends and see which CV formats are being used. Although it is important to include personal details along with your education, qualifications and personal interests remember that recruiters are primarily interested in how effectively you have used what you have.

Being able to demonstrate your achievements through the application of your skills set will impress more than just a list of degrees or qualifications and increase the chances of recruitment . Look for CV examples that can help you draft yours.

Spending time researching the company will also help you to write a CV that will impress by highlighting how your background experience and expertise can be applied to the current and future needs of the company. There is no doubt that structuring your CV around the needs of the recruiting organization will give you a competitive edge.

Be Truthful

Having said that please don’t make it up because you think that will work in your favor. If you tell lies on your CV you have to continue the lies during interview and even beyond that. Sooner or later the lies will be discovered. This can be through any checks that are done by the company prior to offering you a position or by you failing to meet the demands of the position for which you got the recruitment.

Use All Of The Work Experience And Skills You Have

This is very important especially if you have recently graduated for example and you are yet to build up a credible professional portfolio. Following a number of years consulting on recruitment and selection I can tell you that recruiters and department managers are far more interested in what relevant skills you learned and how those skills can help them rather than a particular course you attended (unless it is highly specialized).

The best way you can do that is by…

Being Specific And Using Facts And Data

Please avoid writing bland generic statements like “great team player” or “decision maker”.
Remember, you want your CV to stand out for better chances of recruitment. If you want to write a CV that will impress, then you need to follow this golden rule.

Every time you are about to write down something you consider to be a strength such as “great team player”, ask yourself how can you demonstrate that attribute succinctly and concisely. You must be able to back up your statement by writing it as a specific fact and supporting it by example. It does not need to be in great detail because if you have impressed the recruiter, you will get every opportunity to expand on the examples during the interview.

Be More Than The Job

Yes it is the primary interest and concern of the recruiter that you have what it takes to succeed and meet the needs of the organization. However what can also impress is your other interests and achievements away from the workplace. This shows that you are capable of learning new skills or applying the skills you do have away from the workplace perhaps in helping others for example.

Demonstrating that you are a more rounded individual and not solely interested in work will help to impress those who will be making the decision for your recruitment.